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The Conference for General Practice 2018 wishes to acknowledge and thank our sponsors, without whom this Conference would not have been possible.


Platinum + Quality Symposium Principal Sponsor

P: 04 358 1123
E: gwilson@medtechglobal.com
W: medtechglobal.com


Medtech has been at the heard of NZ General Practice for over 30 years providing the Practice Management System that helps runs hundreds of practices up and down the length of New Zealand. Whilst Medtech 32 remains the cornerstone, Medtech Evolution is growing rapidly, delivering advances in technology and user interface. Medtech offer a range of practice utilities including SMS Unlimited, Kiosks, Medtech Cloud and CBIT. Browser based versions of its practice management software, telemedicine and customer portal are driving product development for release in 2017.

With a dedicated NZ based on site customer service centre and training facility Medtech provides unparalleled support to its products and practices. Patient outcomes drive innovation at Medtech and its patient portal Manage My Health offer the most comprehensive patient portal available integrating with both clinical and non-clinical applications to support the patient journey and health outcomes. 

P: 0800 123 642
E: andrew.ohagan@nib.co.nz
W: nib.co.nz


nib provides value for money and affordable health cover to more than one million people across the Tasman.

With over 60 years' experience, today nib is a truly Trans-Tasman business that offers innovative cover and services, and greater value for our members. Our health insurance mission is to help people afford healthcare when and where needed with world class products and services. To support this mission, we launched the nib First Choice network - developed to help protect long term healthcare affordability for New Zealanders.

To find out more about nib, or the nib First Choice network, come and talk to the team at the conference for General Practice, or visit: nibfirstchoice.co.nz



Gold Sponsors

P: 04 816 7441
E: joshua.clark@acc.co.nz
W: acc.co.nz


ACC provides New Zealanders with comprehensive, no-fault personal injury cover. We work closely with businesses and the community, to try to prevent injuries from happening and to make New Zealand a safer place. But when injuries do happen, we're here to help.

We manage injury claims, coordinate services and work closely with health professionals to help get people back to living their life as quickly as possible.

For more information about ACC, please visit www.acc.co.nz

P: 03 488 3073
E: enquiries@harraways.co.nz
W: harraways.co.nz


Harraways Oats is a household name in New Zealand, operating from its location in Green Island, Dunedin. It is a family owned food business, specialising in oats, cereals and flaked grains. The mill that took the Harraways name was established in 1867 and it has remained New Zealand's only oat mill, crafting the distinct 'nutty' flavoured oats that many Kiwis grew up having for breakfast.

Harraways is proud of its New Zealand heritage and is committed to staying locally owned. It sources the majority of its oats from the local farmers of Otago and Southland.

Harraways is not content with staying still and this year has launched a New Zealand first in Oats – the Harraways Oat-activ ® range. It is a convenient, single serve oats range that is fortified with natural plant sterols. This ingredient, alongside the naturally occurring beta-glucan contained in the oats, creates a unique double action in lowering cholesterol absorption to help the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who struggle with high cholesterol and heart disease.

This new range of Oat-activ ® comes in both 'Original Oats' and 'Original with Cranberry' variants. Both variants are available through all good New Worlds and Pak N Saves nationally. This new range will be on show at the 2018 Conference.

P: 0800 45 45 42
E: info@tritonhearing.co.nz
W: tritonhearing.co.nz

Triton Hearing 

Here's a quick introduction to what we're all about.

We know that people with hearing loss lose some, if not all, of their connection with the outside world. At Triton Hearing we understand that, so we focus our business on helping people to reconnect with their loved ones, and their communities. Innovation is at the core of how we deliver better hearing and in the last year we launched a world first, our Triton TeleAudiology service. This gives us the ability to deliver world class service and audiological expertise to even the most remote parts of New Zealand.

With 65 clinics across New Zealand we were the first, and are still the only, audiology company to gain the coveted Consumer NZ 'trusted tick' and our recent introduction of the Better Hearing Guarantee solidifies our commitment to going the extra mile to deliver better hearing to all New Zealanders so we now have more clients wanting to experience the joy of hearing than ever before.

We are proud of everything that we do to deliver better hearing to New Zealanders, and the positive impact this has on their family, friends and the wider community.

If you'd like to know more, please visit tritonhearing.co.nz, like us on Facebook or call 0800 45 45 42.



Keynote Speaker Sponsors

P: 04 496 5999
E: faculty@rnzcgp.org.nz
W: rnzcgp.org.nz

Auckland Faculty

The Auckland Faculty is made up of approximately 1,580 GPs covering the area between Wellsford and Pukekohe. This part of the country is known to be one of the fastest-growing and multicultural areas of New Zealand, and its GPs serve a large, diverse and vibrant population.

Each year the Auckland Faculty hosts a number of member events, including the Round the Bays fun run and a well-attended AGM with guest speakers and presentations to new Fellows.

If you have any issues you would like your colleagues to help you with, please feel free to contact our Chair Chandra Jayaraman at chair.auckfaculty@rnzcgp.org.nz or 09 274 7823.

P: 04 917 0060
E: enquiries@hpa.org.nz
W: hpa.org.nz

Health Promotion Agency

Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and improve, their health.

HPA is an evidence-based health promotion organisation, influencing all sectors that contribute to good health and wellbeing. Our work is divided into three main areas:

* promoting health and wellbeing

* enabling health promoting initiatives and environments

* informing health promoting policy and practice

P: 04 816 4396
E: info@health.govt.nz
W: health.govt.nz

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health leads New Zealand's health and disability system, and has overall responsibility for the management and development of that system. The Ministry works across the health sector to deliver better health outcomes for New Zealanders.

The statement 'All New Zealanders live well, say well, get well' describes the future we want and is central to the NZ Health Strategy: Future Direction, released in 2016. The Strategy is supported by a roadmap of actions with five strategic themes that identify the direction for change: people-powered; closer to home; value and high performance; one team; and smart system. 

P: 09 401 9790
E: themtyquin686@gmail.com
W: northland-rnzcgp.org

Northland Faculty

The Northland Faculty is proud to sponsor an Evening with Brigadier Ben Kite at the College Conference in Auckland in July.

We are made up of approximately 210 GPs covering the area between Cape Reinga to Mangawhai. Often referred to as the 'Winterless North', this part of New Zealand is known for its vibrant rural towns and beautiful scenery.

Each year The Faculty hosts a well-received continuing medical education event called The Great Russell Conference.

The role of the Faculty is to support Northland General Practitioners through the provision of education, mentoring, advocacy and encouraging research.

Go to our website to see upcoming activities and events, www.northland-rnzcgp.org

P: 04 496 5999
E: faculty@rnzcgp.org.nz
W: rnzcgp.org.nz

Waikato / Bay of Plenty Faculty

The Waikato / Bay of Plenty Faculty is a network of dedicated and resilient GPs covering a wide geographical area and managing patients in a variety of practice settings both rural and urban. The practitioners provide compassionate and committed care to their patients within a wide socio-economic base. Their faculty directed subscriptions support ongoing education and other professional development for the GP members, for registrars and teachers and for medical students in a variety of ways. This includes the willing financial support for the attendance of Brigadier Ben Kite at the College conference in Auckland in July.



Panel/Concurrent Session + Welcome Reception Sponsor

P: 09 571 9080
E: ra.pope@greencrosshealth.co.nz
W: greencrosshealth.co.nz

Green Cross Health 

Our purpose and our passion, shared throughout the Green Cross Health Group, is to provide New Zealand communities with the best health support, care and advice. 

We are a growing network of health professionals and supporting staff committed to delivering better patient experiences and health outcomes. 

We represent more than 350 community Pharmacies throughout New Zealand under the Unichem and Life Pharmacy brands and our Medical division provides complete family healthcare services through GP, accident and medical centres, with many operating under The Doctors Brand. 

Our Community Health Division, provide support to more than 20,000 people living independently in their communities throughout New Zealand. 

For more information about us follow the link to our website greencrosshealth.co.nz



Satchel Sponsor

P: 09 588 4260
E: admin@alliancehealth.org.nz
W: alliancehealth.org.nz

Alliance Health Plus

Alliance Health Plus (AH+) is a mid-sized Pacific-led PHO and community care organisation striving to transform the health and wellness of Pacific and high needs patients within South Auckland communities.  In providing accessible, culturally responsive and high quality services and care, the AH+ team live by our vision; Strong Families, Strong Communities, Living Well Longer.



Conference App Sponsor

P: 09 274 7823
E: info@nirvanahealth.co.nz
W: nirvanahealth.co.nz

Nirvana Health Group

Nirvana Health Group is a leading innovation partner in the New Zealand health system with more than 40 clinics located in Auckland, Whangarei and Palmerston North.

We provide high quality, affordable healthcare built around same day access and integrated services through general practices, urgent care clinics and after-hours care.

Our clinic network includes White Cross Healthcare, East Tamaki Healthcare, West Auckland Healthcare, Westgate Medical Centre, Mt Roskill Healthcare and OneHealth in Remuera.

For more than 40 years, our company has developed primary healthcare clinics and services to meet the needs of rapidly growing populations and we continue to expand.

In Auckland, Nirvana Health Group serves a largely high-needs population offering support to patients diagnosed with, or at risk of, chronic diseases.

We provide unique services to our communities and patients, including the outreach work of a community manager, free health coaching for diabetes patients and a wellness team offering free mental health services and self-management support.



Coffee Cart Sponsors

P: 09 377 7827
E: jude.keys@procare.co.nz
W: procare.co.nz


The ProCare network is the largest network of healthcare professionals in New Zealand. We represent more than 170 practices across the greater Auckland region, with over 820,000 enrolled patients. ProCare serves the largest Pacific, Māori and South Asian populations enrolled in general practice in New Zealand

We are committed to improving the health of Aucklanders' by delivering world-leading health services that offer clinical excellence, expert business support and quality general practice.

The network of practices extends from as far north as Orewa, to Tuakau in the South, ensuring a broad coverage across the greater Auckland region.

P: 09 523 7054
E: reception@srgmri.co.nz
W: srgmri.co.nz

SRG Radiology & Trinity MRI

SRG Radiology is a privately owned radiology practice offering a comprehensive range of services including 3 Tesla MRI, SPECT / CT, XRay, Ultrasound and Interventional procedures. With onsite radiologists at both our Greenlane and Manukau practices, we are able to offer rapid report turnaround times for our referrers. For more information, please visit srgmri.co.nz.



Registration Sponsor

P: 04 460 4990
E: claudia.ilkovics@pharmac.govt.nz 
W: pharmac.govt.nz


PHARMAC is the New Zealand government agency that decides which pharmaceuticals to publicly fund in New Zealand. PHARMAC makes choices about District Health Boards' (DHBs) spending on vaccines, community and cancer medicines. PHARMAC's decisions affect most New Zealanders because almost everyone will be prescribed a medicine or receive a service involving a medical device at some stage.

PHARMAC is committed to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi. PHARMAC's Maori Responsiveness Strategy, Te Whaioranga, provides a framework for PHARMAC to respond to the particular needs of Maori in relation to pharmaceuticals. PHARMAC is also working on a responsiveness strategy to assist the health of Pacific people.

PHARMAC contributes to the Government's goal of a growing, sustainable economy through being part of the New Zealand health and disability system. We contribute to the health system outcomes: New Zealanders live longer, healthier, more independent lives; and the health system is cost-effective and supports a productive economy.



Associate Sponsor

P: +61 1300 754 676
E: info@skincancercollege.org
W: skincancercollege.org

Skin Cancer College Australasia 

Skin Cancer College Australasia is the non profit peak body for primary skin cancer professionals. We exist to nurture and support professionals in their efforts to combat skin cancer and save lives. We do this through education, research, advocacy and standards – which together, help raise the bar in skin cancer medicine.



Quality Symposium Associate Sponsor

P: 04 473 9168
E: info@conportohealth.co.nz
W: patientsfirst.org.nz
W: conportohealth.co.nz

Patients First and Conporto Health

Patients First is a not-for-profit charitable health IT company that works right across the health sector, with funders, product developers and health service providers, identifying gaps to develop technology to improve the way we share and use information and help the sector to work better together.

Patients First is owned by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP) and General Practitioners New Zealand (GPNZ). Conporto Health is the new wholly-owned subsidiary and trading-arm of Patients First, delivering innovative technologies and services to the sector.

Some of our ground-breaking products and services include GP2GP electronic medical record transfer, hMael™ secure email for health, and Conporto Event Detection Mitigation. 


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