Networking, Connecting and Learning at Asia Pacific Get-Togethers

Any Asia Pacific get-together event and activities are growing in importance for the people of this region. The increasing interest in these events is a clear indication that people are keen to learn from each other, connect at a personal level and network for a better future together. How can one make the most of these events? Here is a brief outline.

Be Open-Minded

Attendance at these events will have you meeting with other people from diverse backgrounds, professions and cultures. To make the most gains, have an open mind. It will allow you to learn a lot of things from your acquaintances. Other people will be willing to engage with an open mind rather than a closed one. An open mind is a ready vessel for learning.

Ask Ask Ask

Do not allow yourself to leave the gala with a horde of questions lingering on your mind whether its a cultural query or a historical occurrence clarification. You will regret later when you are back home why you never asked. Additionally, asking helps you clarify some grey areas or assists in making a comparison to your situation. You will appreciate better rather than having to second guess or make your wrong conclusions.

Set Out to Make Friends

You will meet hundreds of people in the Asia Pacific get together. You will be spoiled for choice as to who to be friends with or how to go about it. This is especially difficult for avowed introverts. Here is an idea; make it a point before leaving home that you will make at least five friends whom you will keep for the rest of your life. Exchange contacts delve deeper into your personal or professional lives, and you will be surprised how people are willing to make friends, especially in the digital world we are living.


If you have some business cards or brochures, carry some with you.