State Of Online Businesses In New Zealand

Since the dawn of the internet, business competition is rife. More than ever before, businesses are attempting to go online or launch as an online business from the start. The need for this is to meet the needs of an online market that now chooses to shop from the comfort of their homes. Here in New Zealand, the climb is still steep and this post will look at the online business landscape in more detail.

What Is The Current State of Things?

Currently, a majority of the businesses in New Zealand still do not have an online presence. The main reason for this could be their type of customers. In New Zealand, compared to other countries in the Asia Pacific region, most businesses serve a local market. The communities around these markets tend to remain tightly knit and thus the idea of impersonal buying via the internet does not have so much rooting in these societies.

However, some information gives a glimpse of hope. As of 2017, at least 38% of the businesses in New Zealand were online. A huge chunk of these is in the online gaming scene. Casinos such as the online casino Spin palace attract a huge following here in New Zealand. Gambling also generally has a huge following in this part of the world.

The Turning Point

While the current state of affairs is not that promising, there are indicators that the future will be bright. For example, the same research also found out that 92% of businesses in New Zealand have access to broadband. This figure shows an untapped potential that could help take New Zealand businesses online.

Additionally, 66% of the businesses already had a website and some other form of online presence. In another 44% of the businesses, they had ecommerce stores already set up. All these figures show that the situation could change with the right stimulus.