Areas of Interest in Asia Pacific Organised Meetings

Having Asia Pacific organised meetings provides both regions with great opportunities to discuss several areas of development. In the past meetings that they have had, both official and non-officials, some of the areas of interest for them are the following.


One of the areas of interest that both regions have explored is how they can trade with each other. Both of them have different products that they can offer for sale, and their subject of discussion has always been how to cut tariffs, stopping illicit financial flows and how both regions can boost their economies to trade better with each other.


Education is the backbone of every country. Asia Pacific meetings always look at different collaborations they can have to improve their research and education sector so that they can become a superpower in leading research across the globe. Areas of research that the two regions have been looking into include health and agriculture, with Asia being a global leader in health tourism.


The Pacific is more advanced when it comes to Informations and Communications Technology (ICT) and better uptake of the internet than in some parts of Asia. The area of interest is always about how the two regions can work together to bring a balance in the gap that is still glaring. The Asian countries have been putting their energies and focus on manufacturing, and they have been having talks on how they can pull their resources together to improve ICT uptake.


Other than economic development, another area of interest for Asia Pacific is the growth of tourism. The Pacific has many natural resources and has taken great lengths to establish and grow its tourism sector. This makes them a blueprint for Asia that is also working on developing its tourism sector with hopes of attracting not just people from the Pacific, but all over the world.